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Some of the health care sites I checked out when I had a buddy with high blood pressure stated that consuming to an equivalent of 1 teaspoon of salt daily was safe! The sites never addressed the amount of salt in mg that we are getting in the foods we consume. Due to these sites, my buddy was mislead into believing that salt wasn’t hurting him (because his blood pressure went up a notch or two each month.) He started salting everything. 1 morning he put so much salt in our oatmeal I gagged and almost vomited. I knew this information was incorrect, but I didn’t have anything to substantiate my gut instinct-until I read Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers-then it all came together for me. I hope it helps you too.
Interesting Facts about salt: So, what is the destiny of our internal organs when fed commercial salt?
O Fruits and vegetables are nearly salt-free. It follows that a vegetarian diet will eventually create an anemic condition and other salt-starvation diseases. That’s the reason a lot of drinkers crave salty snack foods. Only when salt is added to fruits and veggies can saliva and gastric secretions easily break down carbohydrates
O The modern intravenous fluid, Lactated Ringers, is a reproduction of “Plasma of Quinton,” a drinkable Squirrel Removal used by the French alchemist Rene Quinton.
O Salt cities: Towns ending in”lick”,”wich” and”saal” are cities that were founded due to salt availability.
O Human salt consumption accounts for just 7% of the total salt production, the balance (93%) is used by the chemical industry and in production for items like manufacturing explosives, chlorine gas, agro-fertilizers and in the plastics sector.
O Magnesium is extracted from common table salt: Because the chemical industry needs pure sodium and chloride, vital magnesium is taken out to make it flow smoother which means it can be sold for a better profit on the chemical industry. This salt is then sold in stores for human consumption. The problem is that adulteration makes the salt not able to unite with human body fluids so that it causes health disturbances.
O Sea salt alone possesses the power to restore wholeness to the human internal seas, our body fluids.
O Every one of the body’s 92 essential minerals is found in the ocean.
O Salt refining: When most salts are chosen, they are put through a series of harsh steps that fractures the molecular structure, robs its essential minerals and adulterates the salt with chemical additives to make it free-flowing. It is then bleached and iodized. This refining process makes the salt poisonous to your body because it takes out the critical nutrients and aliveness present in sun-cured sea salt.
O Authentic sea salt ought to be moist to the touch with its prism-like”mother liquor” or bitterns surrounding it. When ground the gasses produced smell somewhat like violets.
O Mother liquor has health advantages: Biologists can attest that this mother liquor restores hydro-electrolytic imbalance, a disease that causes the loss of immune response, creates allergies and causes many health problems.
O Celtic sea salt is the lowest in sodium of all of the salts available and the richest in precious beneficial elements offered in any salt.
O The late French scientist Dr. Alexis Carrel kept a chicken heart alive for over 37 years with the pulsating heart in a solution of sea salt. Dr. Carrel voluntarily ended the experiment after a third of a century, having demonstrated that living cells can have physical immortality.
Celtic sea salt has countless medicinal applications. For example it can help fix excess acidity, restore decent digestion, alleviate allergies and skin disease, prevent some kinds of cancer, boost cellular energy and give increased resistance to infections and bacterial disease.

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